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Your Favorite Fandoms' Fiction

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Fandom: World Recs
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The Best Fiction from All Fandoms
fandom_wrecs is a fanfiction rec community. Fandoms from all around the world are welcomed. No fandom is excluded, no fandom is turned away. Anyone can rec their favorite fics. These are the fics that make you sob. These are the fics that make you laugh so hard you cry. These are the fics that you read over and over again. These are the fics that you will always remember. The best of the best. The ultimate fic.

The community is separated into five different sub-communities; Books/Movies, TV Shows, Anime/Manga, RPF and Music. Each fandom that is represented, be it Lord of the Rings or Naruto, Pinto or KAT-TUN, will have a separate post in its respective community, where anyone can comment. Navigation through the communities can be handled with the extensive tag list at each community.

Questions about this system? Direct them here.

Don’t see your favorite fandom represented in any of the communities? Requests to include your fandoms can be made here.

1. All fiction posted must be in English.
2. Recommendation comments should be posted to the correct fandoms in the correct communities. If a recommendation comment is posted to the wrong place, it will be deleted.
3. Make recommendation comments short and sweet. A link to the fiction, the featured pairing(s) (if any), the LiveJournal username of the author, the rating and a short summary/description of the fiction is all that is needed in a comment.
4. Do not recommend authors; only individual fic can be recommended.
5. All fiction recommended must be viewable to all LiveJournal users. Do not link to fiction that is friend’s locked.
6. Limit three fiction recommendations to each comment. Any comment that exceeds this limit will be deleted.
7. Only fanfiction is allowed in this community. Video, art and other media will not be permitted in fandom_wrecs.
8. No wank is allowed in the communities. This is a place where multiple fandoms from all around the world are welcomed. Don’t like a fandom? Don’t comment to its post.
9. This community welcomes LGBT pairings. If you object to these pairings, don't bother joining.
10. All mods/maintainers reserve the right to delete any post that does not conform without prior notice.


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